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Traditional, fruit drinks bring respite from scorching heat

Jamshedpur, May 4: With the sun showing no mercy this summer, tasty and delicious traditional beverages are much sought after this summer.

Pestered by the changing climate of the city, more and more commoners are going for the summer traditional or “desi” drinks available at roadside vendors in the market.

Rising temperatures and desi drinks are like Siamese twins. Summer is usually associated with soft drinks which though high on calories are a hit among the youth. These summer sippers bring with them the risk of weight gain and diabetes. The city, however, prefers to go traditional when it comes to beating the heat.

Drinks like green coconut water and sugarcane juice are already hot favorites, while summer fruits watermelon and cucumber besides sattoo are high also in demand. People munching on large chunks of these fruits are a common sight in every nook and cranny of the city.

In Jamshedpur, the prime locations where the summer drinks vendors can be found include Bistupur, Sakchi, Mango and Station Road.

These being the only source of employment of the juice push-carts and shops, as the vendors dare the blistering heat to serve the city. On an average basis, they earn Rs 250-300 per day. “It is like a celebration time during summers, the market is high and we find more customers,” said Rajesh Prajapati, a coconut vendor near Sakchi.

Health experts too advocate fruits claiming that these fruits, besides quenching the thirst are also good for health.

These help control dehydration and fill the stomach. A senior physician Dr UK Srivastava said watermelon and green coconut not only provide carbohydrates, but also control the body temperature during the scorching summer. Gastric patients should especially prefer these to the aerated drinks, he added.

Mango shake, thandai, mango lassi, chatpata nimboo pani (spiced lemonade), coconut water and badam milk are some of the summer drinks that adds to the trend. “It is always good to stop and get some refreshments in the sizzling heat. It is healthy and saves you from sun strokes,” said a customer sipping lassi.

Mango shake, available in most of the shops, is the first choice of city students. The shake packed in soft-drinks’ bottle is made of smashing mango slices. “The taste of mango with dry fruits is appetizing,” said Deepak Agrawal.
When asked about other drinks preferred in summer, a passer-by says, “Mango lassi is the perfect thirst-quencher on a hot day. Sugar or honey can be added to it for extra sweetness.”

While the fruit juice and mango shakes are ruling the market, nimboo pani still has many followers. “Nimboo pani is the real relief during summer. It is like lemonade with an Indian twist,” says Prajesh, a class X student.

Another drink, badam milk which comes delicately flavored with cardamom and nuts in chilled milk is also on trend. The add-ons in the ice-cold milk not only make it tasty but pack a nutritious punch too.

“We believe in summer something of high nutritious value must be taken. Juice and other summer drinks serve the purpose. And they are delicious too.” said Parmeshwar, a student at Karim City College.

The hotspot areas for the summer drinks are college and office locations. “Doctors suggest not taking heavy food during summer. What else than a fruit juice can satisfy us when the mercury is this high,” says an office staff.

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