Tuesday, June 22, 2021

TMH Jamshedpur to create 1,000 oxygen beds to tackle third Covid wave

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Second wave almost coming to end: Dr Choudhry

Jamshedpur, June 11: Leading health hub, Tata Main Hospital (TMH) has decided to come up with 1000 oxygen equipped beds as part of its preparation for the third wave of COVID-19. These beds will be flexible in nature that can be used by an adult patient and also by children.  

During a telephonic media interaction, Dr Rajan Choudhry, advisor, and former general manager, medical services, Tata Steel said that as part of our strategy to counter the third wave of Covid we are going to set up 1000 beds equipped with oxygen. These beds will be at the hospital premises as well as other locations.  He said that there are apprehensions that the third wave will impact children the most. Efforts are being made to make beds in such a way they can be used in a flexible way.

The hospital was operating 591 Covid beds out of these 441 beds at TMH during the second wave. TMH has treated 7013 Covid patients so far.

Talking further about preparations for the third Covid wave, Dr Choudhry said that the hospital is focusing on infrastructure development. The hospital is acting proactively to strengthen facilities, so the situation could be handled in the best possible way.

β€œAt present none of our staff, including doctors and nurses are down with corona. Moreover, our plan is to ensure 100 per cent vaccination of our team before the advent of the next wave. We are also working to overcome the manpower crisis faced during the second wave,” said Dr Choudhry.    

β€œ It is now clear that the second wave is almost coming to an end. Positivity rate which was 9.17 per cent last week has come down to 5.01 per cent. Cases have started to decline further in the city, but people should not forget to adhere to appropriate behavior,” he said.

The admissions have reduced to 15 this week. The deaths at the hospital have also reduced to five in the last week.

He further noted that despite the fall people should continue to avoid crowding, wear masks and follow social distancing. This will reduce the chances of spread of the virus. If we remain serious about the protocols the virus will further reduce significantly.

The advisor also informed that the hospital will start its OPD services from Monday. He also went on to add that the hospital has focused on vaccination drive and it has administered 80,000 doses so far.

The advisor reiterated that people must take precautionary steps to ensure further safety. Avoid crowds, wear masks and maintain distance. They should continue to avoid crowding, wear masks and follow social distancing. This will reduce the chances of spread of the virus.

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