Thursday, March 23, 2023

TMH introduces a new treatment of Knee Ligament injuries


Jamshedpur : Tata Main Hospital has introduced a new treatment of knee ligament injuries, named Arthroscopic Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

According to Dr. Varun Chandra, head, Department of Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Orthopedics, TMH, this introduction is first-of-its-kind in the state and is part of TMH’s continued endeavor to provide modern treatment and care to people at large.

The treatment is essentially a standard treatment method used in any modern tertiary level hospital for ligament injuries of the knee.

The advantages of Arthroscopic Surgical technique include the following: Minimal invasive endoscopic technique with small incisions without having to open the joint, Quicker recovery with lesser pain Better functional outcome and Less scars and less pain on kneeling.

The torn ligament is reconstructed from patient’s own tendons (part of muscle). This tendon graft is used to reconstruct the ligament in its original position with care to establish same tension forces.

The whole aim is to provide a new ligament which provides similar biomechanical stability as that of the original ligament.

There has been use of various techniques to fix this tendon graft into patient’s bones to achieve exact location and also to provide sufficient tension forces into the graft.

The conventional Endobutton Graft Fixation technique is the one which is most popular. However this requires lot of calculations of graft length, endobutton loop length and depth of tunnel that required to be drilled into femur bone.

There also come difficulties in smaller bones and also a late problem of development of a hollowness of bone around graft in the femur, the so called Bungee Effect.

A new refinement has occurred in this fixation technique instituted only recently. The new technique is called Tight Rope Knotless Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

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