Tuesday, March 28, 2023

This tidal turbine could do wonders for India’s energy sector


New Delhi, July 9 (IANS) A tidal turbine designed to harness the kinetic energy found in moving bodies of water could be ideal for India to generate clean energy from a renewable resource with less cost and a smaller carbon footprint, says Canadian entrepreneur Nofel Izz who invented the device.

The Aqua Dynamo’s turbines include a powerful blade that is designed to be hydrodynamic.

This means that the turbines can harness the kinetic energy found in moving bodies of water.

“These turbines generate enough clean energy to power over three million homes while taking up only 200 acres or less of water space,” says Aqua Dynamo’s official website.

The current cost of constructing tidal turbines that are able to generate 3000 MW is approximately $3 billion, according to Izz.

Due to all of the embedded efficiencies and the unique design, the Aqua Dynamo can generate the equivalent amount of power at a savings of 90 per cent of current costs, he said.

Aqua Dynamo is one of the newer and cost effective inventions that would enable India to take an environmentally accountable step in the right direction of clean renewable energy generation, Izz said in a statement.

India has a long coastline with estuaries and gulfs where tides are strong enough to move turbines for electrical power generation.

Izz believes that implementing tidal turbines could lower greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing dependence of large cities on thermal power plants.

Since this tidal stream generator covers less area underwater, it is more efficient than coal power, safer than nuclear power plants, and more reliable than wind turbines that are both unpredictable and can take up large amounts of space, he said.

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