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There is succulence and sweetness in Hindi language that opens doors to knowledge: Arjun Munda

Second day of Srinath University’s Fifth Hindi Mahotsav

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Jamshedpur, Dec 18: The second day of International Hindi Mahotsav was marked by the presence of Arjun Munda, Union Minister of Tribal affairs of India who observed in his inaugural speech, “I feel proud and happy for Srinath University for successfully organizing its fifth edition of Hindi Mahotsav. I congratulate the founders, Shri Shambhu Mahto and Srimati Sandhya Mahto, the faculty and others associated with this University as such events arouse the interest and curiosity of students for moving ahead and propagating the national language. Through this Mahotsav, we will be enabled to learn more about the origin and development of the Hindi language and experience its flavour in a greater light. This language is a door to knowledge that has succulence and sweetness and that enables us to express our ideas. It gifts us a sense of harmony.”

Earlier, the second day of the three day Hindi Mahotsav was inaugurated by former Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda. Chancellor of Srinath University, Sukhdev Mahto welcomed him with a bouquet, shawl and a memento. Welcome address was delivered by Senior Advisor of Srinath University, Kaushik Mishra.  He said that the competitions organized during the Mahotsav were designed to enhance the efficiency of the students.

Arjun Munda averred, “Language and literature have been given to us by our ancestors in the form of a fund and the fund remains safe and organized when effort is made through the society.  Sometimes its original meaning is lost when languages ​​are translated.  We should keep on adding more to the fund given by our ancestors.  Hindi is a rich language and we should be proud of it.  Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also lays a lot of emphasis on Hindi language.  The students should always make good use of time for their bright future.”

Saturday’s first speaker was Vibhuti Narayan Rai, who is a retired IPS officer as well as the former Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi International University.  He said, “It is a great occasion for Hindi to see such an event in the present scenario. There was a time when Hindi was as a weapon during the freedom struggle.”  He explained, “Literature makes us human, and if we eliminate love, faith and sympathy from our life, then the meaning of life will be lost and literature contributes towards retaining these facets.”

Vandana Raag, novelist and translator,  In her statement said, “What we understand about culture is limited to singing and dancing, but it is not so, singing and dancing is a part of it, in which food, clothing, religious and other ideologies are included to [preserve and enhance culture.  If we go into history, we will find a wide variety of culture.  Jharkhand has many folk arts and folk arts are also a part of the culture.  Culture is visible in our place on occasions like marriage, birth anniversary and similar events.  Culture refines and refines itself over time.”

The first competition of the day was ‘ Vigyapan Rachna’ in which the students of various schools participated with great enthusiasm. Other events of the day were ‘ Kurte pe Chitrakari’, ‘Muhvaron se muhavron tak’, ‘Shabd Sanyojan’,’ Likho Kahani’, ‘Vaak Chaturya’, ‘Pratik Chinh Nirman’ and the main attraction of the day was ‘Prashnotri’ which was enjoyed by all the audiences as it contained many Hindi Bollywood rounds.

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