Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Telco Union committee meeting decides for 3-year grade revision

Jamshedpur, June 23: Telco Workers Union committee meeting on Thursday decided to have the grade revision for three years.

The committee which started at 10 in the morning continued till 2.30 pm were more than 50 members kept forward their views on grade revision.

When committee member Kanhaiya Kumar stood up to speak other committee members raised objection. Members said that on the question of school admission why is Kanhaiya speaking.

When President of Telco Workers Union Amlesh Singh was addressing, committee members Sanjeev Ranjan, Umesh SIngh, Prashant Mishra said, we will support of grade revision is good and will object if it’s not up to the mark.

They said that grade revision should not be of the situation like the bonus agreement.

When workers are called on holidays the company canteen should remain open. Currently Rs 80 is provided for vehicle maintenance which should be increased to Rs 600.

Ali Raja of Plant 1 said, grade revision should be done for three years, basic salary should be increased 50 %, DA point should be increased to Rs 6 from Rs 2. Workers in line should be provided conveyer allowance of Rs 1000.

Sanjeev das said that a panel should be formed to make BI-6 workers permanent while watch should be provided on 10 years of service instead of 25 years.

Lavi Sharma said, maternity leave time should be increased from 3 months to 6 months, life time medical service, establishment of blood bank.

Santosh Singh said that a diploma college should be opened while minimum Rs 25 lakh should be provided as compensation on death of an employee.

Pradeep Singh said it should be ensured that workers children should get admission in schools. Shivanand Verma submitted a 52 point suggestion saying that grade revision should be of 3 years, fitment should be increased to Rs 5000.

Naneev Kumar said that along with money other facilities including facilities at Tata Motors Hospital and canteen should be increased.

General Secreatry Prakash Kumar assured of preparing the charter of demands of all the suggestion and submit it to the management.

President Amlesh Kumar said, ‘Will ensure that grade revision is done for 3 years at any cost and prepare a garland of 94 committee members and work as ‘One Vision One Mission’.

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