Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tecnova VP addresses B-school students on leadership

Jamshedpur : The class of XLRI PGDM-GMP 2014-15 invited Ashit Ranjan, Vice president Tecnova Ltd.,for the third leadership event organized as part of the ongoing �XLRI GMP Leadership Series�.

The leadership series is aimed at developing creative leadership and at connecting industry stalwarts with MBA students.

Ashit opened his inspiring speech with an open ended question �what works as catalyst and brings transformation and transition in an individual?� He then explained the importance of �fear� and the role it plays in shaping our lives and choices.He emphasized that fear, if channelized positively, leads us to perform better and excel in our roles.

He addedthat budding managers should have an inside-out knowledge of the business and its objectives. Functional expertise is important but unlesscoupled with a business perspective will not add value to a company.

Diving a little deeper, he said that the key to achieve �management consultant� acumen is to observe a lot and learn from the surroundings and from others. The power of observation normally is critical as it empowers an individual and provideskey insights which might prove to be crucial for the business.

On the personal front he asked students to evaluate their priorities and aspirations thoroughly before deciding on a career path. He further stated thatit is important to break down goals into achievable targets.

When probed by students on work life balance, he explained the importance of spending time alone and reevaluating oneself. He ended by exhorting students not to be overawed by people and position.

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