Saturday, February 4, 2023

Team [email protected] of XLRI concludes a industrial visit to ITC Plant in Munger


Jamshedpur : A group of 60 students from XLRI have just returned from what can proudly be called, a one of a kind of industrial visit.

[email protected], the student committee of the college which is responsible for the promotionof Industrial Relations, in association with ITC, has successfully concluded a two day plant visit to one of the oldest plants of ITC in Munger.

In a bid to spread more practical knowledge about industries, workers, Trade unions and the functioning of industries, [email protected] conducts plant visits for the college students every year. This year has been particularly special, the reason being the first ever plant visit organized by any campus committee in XLRI outside the steel city.

A lot of effort had been put into making the industrial visit a success and the result, has proven the calibre of XLRI students yet again. The visit commenced from the college campus in a Mercedes Benz bus on the evening of 6th Nov as a group of 60 students set forth to see the oldest plant of ITC at work. The visit has been special in reasons more than one.

Team [email protected] says,”This is definitely a very unique initiative from our side. We have adopted a model wherein students get to visit the industry and get to learn first-hand about the prevalent best practices.

This is a new form of backward engagement wherein students visit the company and get to know more about it, which will help in strengthening long term ties with the industry”. The visit has once again reaffirmed the belief that XLRI tries to foster in its studentsto think beyond the ordinary.

With an underlying purpose to give the students a taste of the actual work culture and life that exists in one of the most renowned companies of the nation, the industrial visit has definitely left the future managers of tomorrow awed by the experience.

The visit, which included an overview of the plant, a factory round and an interactive session with the Union President of ITC Munger, Prof Dr.AzfarShamshialong with many other delegates, gave the students an opportunity to know the basics of Industrial Relations from an altogether different perspective.

The visit helped them to understand the need to think beyond the concepts they find in books, a brief about the Best IR practices in the industry which are followed by ITC. The visit also had a friendly football match between the ITC employees and XLRI students.

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