Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tax collection should sped up: Amit Khare


Ranchi, August 13: Comparing the planned & non- planned schemes Principal Finance Secretary Mr. Amit Khare said that the condition of expenditure is better this financial year in comparison to financial year 2014-15. It has improved in July 2015-16 which is a good sign.

Mr. Khare said that a total amount of 9803.14 crores have been expensed under planned & non- planned schemes from April to July 2015-16 which is 17.67 percent of the annual budget & a good sign.

Out of the total expenditure Rs. 4568.83 crore is spent on planned schemes which is 14.22 percentage of the total planned budget & Rs. 5234.31 crore on non- planned schemes which is 22.41 % of non planned budget.

The condition of expenditure is as follows: Principal Finance Secretary Mr. Khare said that Rs. 3860.60 crore has been collected by different departments & the collection growth rate is 20.20 %.

He said that revenue collection rate is being sped up. Revenue collection by main departments in the month of July is as following.

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