Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tatanagar, Indian Army�s faithful friend of WWII roars again

Jamshedpur: A 1942 model armoured carrier vehicle called the Tatanagar was unveiled at Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant on Sunday in the presence of the Plant Leadership Team.

The �Tatanagars�, each fitted with a Ford V8 engine along with armoured hulls sourced from the Railways and armoured plates, axles and tyres from Tata Steel, were the first vehicles to roll out of Tata Motors (earlier TELCO) 72 years ago.

They had the distinction of serving the Indian Army as a multi-role platform during World War II. They won the hearts and admiration of all with their anti-tank and transportation capability in the war zone, also having saved many lives with their hulls that were impenetrable by ordinary bullets.

A similar �Tatanagar� vehicle bearing the same prestigious lineage was handed over by Cyrus P Mistry, Chairman, Tata Sons, to T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel, in the presence of A B Lall, head, Jamshedpur Plant on March 3 this year.

Both these vehicles were lying in neglect over the last 70 years and were located after painstaking research. A team of specialists from Engineering and Research Centre, General Administration and Capital Equipment.

Manufacturing teams of Tata Motors restored the vehicles to their earlier glory and were felicitated for their effort by A B Lall.

A special memento was also presented to Capt. P J Singh (GM�Administration, Tata Motors) for leading this project, which led to the �Tatanagar� proudly coming �home� and joining the enduring legacy of the organization.

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