Saturday, January 23, 2021

Tata Workers Union members nod for early polls

Jamshedpur, Jan 6: Tata Workers Union house committee comprising all the 214 committee members have given nod for the election on Wednesday in a committee meeting.

During the meeting a minute of silence was observed for the demise of CRM committee member Arbind Kumar Pandey, thereafter general secretary Satish Kumar Singh read out the minutes of the last meeting held on December 16.

Thereafter, union president R. Raviprasad informed that union’s electoral process should have begun on December 26 itself but due to Covid-19 restrictions they were delayed in starting the election process, but stressed that the election process has to be completed before February 26 and sought permission from all the committee members. All the members said yes to the motion.

A meeting would be held in a day or two to confirm the proceedings of Wednesday’s meeting and then a formal letter would be sent to the deputy labour commissioner for conduct of election of the union and seek his permission to appoint an observer for the election process.

Thereafter, an electoral officer would be elected for the union’s election.

However, CRM committee member A. K Gupta said that there should not be any haste in conduct of election as there is no constitutional crisis before the election and they can easily postpone the election till three months citing Covid-19 situation and the need for taking of vaccine by the employees as otherwise there would be spread of viral infection during the election process. However, the microphone was switched off and the member was not allowed to speak his mind. 

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