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Tata Workers Union meeting discuss grade promotion 


Jamshedpur, May 25:  The meeting of committee members of Tata Workers Union was held at Michael John Auditorium on Wednesday.

The issue of grade and promotion of employees arose., Uday Kumar of HRM said that people have been working in contractor cell for more than 15 years, but are in ESF, which is not fair. The promotion of Office Associate working in the office stops forever after NS 6 and felt that the matter should be raised with management.

Coke plant committee member RC Jha said that the issue of reinstatement on fixed term contract was also raised in the last meeting held in September, but no clear answer was received. Along with this, the union officials did not give any information regarding the restoration in the newly formed companies.

 R.C Jha raised the demand to implement flexi punching for the employees as well as for the officers.

About 60 committee members kept their views in the meeting. While appreciating the decisions taken under the leadership of the president, the office bearers of the Union spoke of doing better.

President Sanjeev Chowdhary said that the issue raised by the committee members like fixed term contract including NS grade and promotion will be resolved by holding talks with the management, so that the interests of the laborers are protected. There has also been a round of discussion with the management on many issues.

The union president clearly said that they will do everything together and decision will be taken only in the interests of the employees. Those people will not make such a compromise, due to which the coming generation will question them and the future of the company or the employee will not be better.  No one’s job will be lost. No one will be allowed to lose salary.

Talks will be held with management regarding all the pending matters of the employees.

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