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Tata Workers Union calls AGM for amendments to constitution on May 15

Jamshedpur, May 13: Tata Workers Union has decided to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, May 15 at Works General Office Lawn inside Tata Steel Works.

The meeting will focus on the approval of newly drafted constitution of the union.

“On our first meeting after the election on March 13 were certificates were distributed to the newly elected office bearers we decide to make amendments to the constitution at the earliest which was supported by
committee members”, said R Ravi Prasad, President of Tata Workers Union addressing a press conference.

Tata Workers Union on several occasions had to go to High Court whenever the election times comes or when there is a dispute arising within the union’s election rule is not recognized.

Present on the occasion, BK Dinda, General Secretary of the Union said that we have made the final draft after taking into account opinions of several employees and members and after 5-6 meetings.

During the 27th March meeting the committee members present gave their thoughts and according to that corrections were made.

A draft was also sent to the committee to give their thoughts. Dinda further informed that when Nidhi Khare
was DC she has told the Union to make amendments to its constitution and have a election rule.

Convenor of several meetings held was BK Dinda. During the April 24 meeting the draft was anonymously approved and first notice was issued on May 1, said Dinda adding that all the meetings were video recorded
in order to avoid any dispute if arises.

President Prasad said that we have put transparency on our priority list before taking any decision and the same will continue during my term while the amendments made will benefit the future generations.

He also appealed all the committee and union members to be present in large numbers to make AGM a success

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