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Tata Steel team breaks Durga Puja altar in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, September 18:  Tata Steel allegedly with support of the East Singhbhum district administration broke the altar of the Allied Area Durga Puja committee near Kadma thana area on Monday.

Incidentally, the Durga Puja is being organized at the said place for the last 90 years.This area falls in the Tata Command Area, which was cordoned off by Tata Steel.The district administration had assured to find a middle path. But seeing that no concrete decision was taken, preparations were started by the Durga Puja Committee.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Tata Steel people hastily demolished the Durga Puja altar. Due to this the puja committee, BJP and Hindu organizations got angry. On the other hand, as soon as the information was received, Kadma police reached the spot and started trying to convince both the parties.

The Puja committee has announced an all-out fight, accusing Tata Steel of playing with Hindu sentiments.

 Banna angry over breaking of Puja altar

Jamshedpur, September 18: Jharkhand health minister Banna Gupta swung into action after receiving information that Durga Puja altar was broken near Kadma police station in Jamshedpur.

Banna Gupta immediately went there and stopped the act and got the boundary broken and removed. During this time, apart from Kadma police, other people including officials of Tata Steel UISL were present.

During this time, officials of Durga Puja Committee were present.

It is noteworthy that the area of Kadma N1 Type Durga Puja Allied Committee was being cordoned off. Due to this, the Durga Puja altar was broken by the Tata Steel UISL team. After this many people including BJP leaders reached there and created ruckus. But the administration and company officials did not agree.

Later, Banna Gupta reached there and got angry after getting the news of breaking the altar. He immediately reached the spot and reprimanded the company officials.

Banna Gupta himself broke the wall being built by the company. After that he himself broke the coconut and worshiped the altar.

He asked the company officials to remain within its limits. He said that the company should not play with faith.

He said that he will complain about this to the higher officials of the company. He has announced that from Tuesday he will get the Maa Bedi constructed from his personal funds and will also perform Kar Seva himself.

‘This is Tata Steel’s leasehold land’

Tata Steel today said that the team of Tata Steel Utilities & Infrastructure Services Limited (Tata Steel UISL) started the enabling work for construction of proposed building within enclosed premises in Kadma for use by Tata Steel.

In a media statement issued on Monday, the company said, “This land is part of Tata Steel’s leasehold land as per the renewed indenture of lease 20.08.2005. To enable the construction of the proposed building, the employees residing within the said parcel of land were relocated to alternate accommodations and there were discussions held with Puja Committee to perform the Puja at the Ganesh Puja Maidan from this year onwards which was mutually agreed upon. However, the committee members disrupted the enabling work for the construction of the building today. Tata Steel is ever willing to render necessary support to enable the Puja to be performed as per mutually agreed location within Ganesh Puja Maidan. The Company fully understand the sensitivity of this matter and is firmly committed to handling it with utmost care and respect.”

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