Sunday, March 26, 2023

Tata Steel to pay Rs 1700 cr to govt for sub lease allocation: AMC


Jamshedpur: The Appropriate Machinery Committee (AMC) set up by the state government pertaining to the Tata sub lease issue here on Tuesday gave a proposal to Tata Steel seeking Rs 1700 crore in Salami and rent from the company in lieu of the 59 sub leased plots allotted by it. The amount has been fixed on the basis of the current government rate fixed by the state government in January this year.

Meanwhile administration sources said a difference of Rs 3000 crore had crept in between the figures calculated by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India and the district administration as regards the revenue loss to the government occasioned by the sub lease allocation by the company. As per the CAG, the total revenue loss to the government is around Rs 4762.83 crore.

Both the CAG and the administration have given logic for their conclusions.

Administration sources said the meeting convened today was a step towards settling the issue of sub lease violation through imposition of additional fine. The government has suffered a huge loss following the sub leasing of 59 plots by the company, sources said.

Todayís meeting was presided over by the deputy commissioner of East Singhbhum Amit Kumar. It was attended by the joint secretary of the Department of Revenue and Land Reformation, Government of Jharkhand, Uday Pratap Singh, ADC Sunil Kumar Singh, district land acquisition officer Akhileshwar Prasad, Tata Steel VP (Corporate Services) Sunil Bhaskaran, Corporate Services Chief Rituraj Sinha and Tata Steelís legal department head Meena Lal.

Speaking to scribes after the meeting, the DC said the revenue loss was estimated in residential and commercial categories. The salami, rent and cess was calculated as per existing rates, he said, adding further that the total amount of loss suffered by the government would be calculated and reported to the Department of Revenue and Land Reformation in a week.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Bhaskaran objected to the calculation of the losses caused by the sub leased land allocation under only two categories by the administration. He said more categories should be included since land was also allocated for educational, religious and spiritual purposes. He also said that the company had reservations in paying the Salami. He said the company was exempted from paying it, sources said.

After hearing the company officials, the DC said he would be sending the objections raised by Bhaskaran and other company representatives to the state government for consideration.

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