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Tata Steel, Noamundi Police launch ‘Swachh Bharat, Swachh Noamundi’ mission

Jamshedpur, July 12: Tata Steel launched a ‘Swachh Bharat, Swachh Noamundi’ cleanliness campaign at Noamundi. The campaign was kicked off at Noamundi on Tuesday.

The campaign is a joint effort of the Security department of Tata Steel at Noamundi and Noamundi Police. The cleanliness drive started from Sangram Sahi Colony Gate at Noamundi and went up to Bottom Bin Plant Gate. The Noamundi market was also covered.

Present on the occasion were Pankaj Satija, GM (OMQ), Tata Steel, Debashish Jena, Chief Noamundi, Tata Steel, Padam Shekhar Jha, Head Security, OMQ Division, Tata Steel, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Manager (Security), Noamundi, Tata Steel, B L Ram, OI/C Noamundi police station, Minz , Inspector in-charge and members of Noamundi Bazar Samiti, namely, Sunil Singh, Anwar Khan and G N Jha. More than 200 people from the community, Noamundi police and Tata Steel employees participated in the campaign.

The company is trying to evoke a sense of responsibility among the people of Noamundi through this campaign. Satija praised the efforts by people, security department and Noamundi Police for actively participating in the campaign and contributing toward a cleaner Noamundi. Satija said that people should neither litter, nor let others litter.

Organizing frequent cleanliness campaigns to spreading awareness about hygiene goes a long way in changing the mind set of people.

Looking into the well-being of the employees and the community in and around the mining areas, Tata Steel has pro-actively initiated several measures to prevent occurrence of dengue at its operation locations in Noamundi and Joda. Sensitization sessions are being conducted for groups of people for better impact.

Besides distributing leaflets and posters on ways to prevent dengue, information communication and Education Van have also been put into use for creating awareness among the villagers. Around 20 volunteers from Tata Steel Rural Development Society are also deployed for door-to-door awareness campaign.

A host of activities are planned for the coming months to combat the dengue menace. While the hospitals located in the mining areas are well prepared, no cases of dengue have been reported so far.

Moreover, understanding the significance of sanitation, OMQ Division recently set-up six bio-toilets of single unit, twin type and triple type both for men and women at different locations spread across Noamundi and Joda.

These bio-toilets have been set up in open space where conventional toilets are difficult to build due to remote locations.

Owing to its wide adaptability, efficient functioning and environment sustainability, the Nest-In Bio-Toilets are capable of alleviating the issues concerning open defecation in India, thus playing a critical role in preventive healthcare as well

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