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Tata Steel Jamshedpur builds new parking facility near Bari Maidan for contract workers

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Company to construct foot over bridge to ease traffic

Jamshedpur, Oct 28: A new two-wheeler parking has been created by Tata Steel opposite Bari Maidan, Tapti road in lieu of parking at L Town Gate opposite old Graduate College. The new parking area will be operational from November 3.

The new parking area is built over 5.5 acres of land after demolition of company quarters. For the convenience of the contract workers, many user-centric facilities like public toilets, drinking water points, rest room, security guard posts, etc. have also been provided.

To ensure smooth transition and orientation of the users with the new parking location, Corporate Services Town Infrastructure & Logistics Department of Tata Steel organised a mass communication and safety meeting with the vendor partners and contractors of Tata Steel today.

Rajiv Kumar, Chief Town Infrastructure & Logistics, Tata Steel and other senior officials addressed the contract workers and the contractors and informed about the salient features of the new parking. The parking will have separate Entry and Exit to ensure safe and smooth traffic movement during shift changes. The workers were also informed about the safety measures taken like side walkways, safety railings, zebra crossing and rumble strips to slow down vehicular traffic at the L-Town road to ensure safety. Emphasising sustainable development, Kumar highlighted that natural environment and topology of the site has not been altered to ensure green cover and lot of shade in the parking area.

As a long term solution to ease traffic, Tata Steel is also working towards constructing a Foot Over Bridge to ease movement.

Tata Steel has kept a 7 day transition period before permanently closing down the existing parking at L Town Gate opposite old Graduate College from November 10, 2021.

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