Monday, June 27, 2022

Tata Steel Jamshedpur again launches ESS, job-for-job scheme

Jamshedpur, May 19: Tata Steel has once again introduced the Early Separation Scheme to the employees in the company by bringing back ESS (early separation scheme).

The circular issued on November 11, 2021, has been implemented once again. From June 1 to June 30, the ESS Scheme Sunhare Bhavishya ki Yojana  (SBKY) has been brought once again. It has been implemented again without any changes. Apart from this, the  Job for Job scheme has also been introduced. This order has been issued under the signature of Tata Steel VP HRM Atrayee Sanyal.

Under SBKY, those people who have worked for ten years and whose age is 40 or above can apply. Under this, after leaving the job under this scheme of ESS, the salary that the employees get by adding the existing Basic and DA will continue to be paid till the age of 60 years and will also increase by one thousand rupees every year i.e. if the basic 50,000 of an employee and DA is 10 thousand rupees, then in total he would have got 60 thousand rupees per month, then after taking ESS, he would get 60 thousand rupees till 60 years of his age and every year there would be an increase of one thousand rupees. All employees can apply for this. It will be the management’s jurisdiction as to whom it wants to give ESS and to whom it does not want to give. Employees can apply for this till 30 June 2022. For this login facility has been given to all the employees.

Under the Job-for Job scheme which has been brought under pressure from workers union an employee can apply between June 1 to June 30. Under this, only those employees who have five years and six months’ job will get the benefit of this. Such employees will have to leave their jobs and give a job to the eligible child, under this, as soon as the benefit of this scheme starts, the employee’s child will start getting stipend after training and the employee will start getting 13 thousand rupees for the maintenance of the employee’s children. Those who are diploma holders or have done engineering will be reinstated in NS7 grade after one year training and if the employee’s child will pass matriculation then he will be admitted to NS4 after giving two years training. The children who are selected will have to pass the NCTVT examination, such children will have to pass in three times, earlier they were given a chance twice, if the child does not pass even in three times, then his father will be given ESS. The said employee will get the benefit of the ESS scheme that has been brought in in the same way and the child who has been reinstated for training will be out. If passed, his job will be confirmed in NS 7 grade and if not passed, he will be reinstated in NS 4 grade. If such children are not able to pass the module then they will be shown the way out and then the benefit of ESS scheme will be given to the employees, which is being given now.

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