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Tata Steel to get Greenco Platinum rating by CII Green Building Council

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Jamshedpur, Dec 19: Tata Steel has become India�s first steel manufacturing company to receive Greenco platinum rating by CII Green Building Council (GBC).

�As an outcome of the improvements undertaken inside the steelworks in the domain of Energy and Environment excellence and the collaboration between the various divisions and departments of the company, facilitated by Corporate Sustainability, Tata Steel has scored in the band of 751-800.

This makes Tata Steel a Platinum-rated organisation. Tata Steel is the first integrated steel plant in the country and the first company in the Tata Group to receive the Platinum rating,� said a company statement issued here on Monday.

In addition, among the 10 criteria, Tata Steel has received the highest scores in eight criteria (Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, GHG, Material Conservation, Green Supply Chain, Product Stewardship and LCA) as compared with the other Greenco-rated companies.

The Jamshedpur Steel Works of Tata Steel underwent the Greenco Rating assessment by the CII- IGBC to assess the ecological impact of its operations and environmental efficiency of its processes.

Speaking on the achievement, T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel India & South East Asia, said: �Greenco Rating from CII Green Building Council is a testimony to our efforts in building an energy-efficient green environment for Tata Steel Group.

We believe that our vision of making steel and building sustainable communities is a major foundation of a sustainable world that can be achieved through resource efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact over the lifecycle of the products.

Having achieved this leadership position in Greenco, Tata Steel realises its responsibility to seek further daunting targets in its journey of Sustainable Business Development�.

Launched in February 2011, CII’s GBC attempts to certify a company on its environment friendliness and sustainability initiatives, instead of certifying a building or part of its operations. Tata Steel started its journey for the Greenco Rating assessment in 2015 by forming a cross-functional core team of Greenco champions.

The core team worked for almost a year and several workshops were held to identify the improvement areas in line with the Greenco requirements. Guidance was sought from the senior management of the company for improving the responses to the criteria, as and when required.

The final assessment was carried out between December 6 and 8, 2016 by CII-IGBC. Many innovations undertaken inside the Steel Works under the Shikhar 25 initiative were also showcased during the assessment.

CII- IGBC Center launched the Greenco rating system as a holistic tool to evaluate the performance of the companies in terms of their ecological impact, both for manufacturing and service sectors.

The rating system covers the various aspects of environmental performance such as GHG emissions, Energy Efficiency, Green Supply Chain, Product Stewardship, Water Conservation, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Material Conservation.

The criteria also focus on the innovation and improvement projects that the company has undertaken for improvement of ecological impacts of their entire value chain.

The total score in the rating is 1000, distributed across the various criteria. The scores in the 650-749 (Gold) band indicate national best performance and greater than 750 (Platinum) indicate world class performance.

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