Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tata Motors directed to withheld payment of hospital’s private agency


Jamshedpur, Mar 6: A tripartite meeting was held at the chamber of deputy labour commissioners office in Sitaramdera on Saturday over problems of workers associated with Kam Enterprises which is appointed on contract for the Tata Motors Hospital. 
The meeting was attended by members of Jharkhand Majdoor Union. During the meeting representatives of Kam Enterprises gave unclear answer to the queries of the workers problems and failed to show proper documents. At this deputy labour commissioner rebuked the representatives and threatened to cancel their license if they do not mend their ways. 
The deputy labour commissioner also wrote a letter to the Tata Motors management to stop payment to the Kam Enterprises. 
Jharkhand Majdoor Union representative Rajesh Samant said that workers of Kam Enterprises are not being paid properly PF and ESI and in addition 38 workers who had worked for nearly 5 years are not being given their final settlement and this has made them to approach the deputy labour commissioner. 
The deputy labour commissioner directed Kam Enterprises to be present for the next meeting on March 17 with proper documents on PF and ESI deposits and also directed to clear the final settlements of the 38 workers and till the final settlement are done the company will not get it’s payment from Tata Motors management. 

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