Friday, December 3, 2021

Tata Cummins not to shift Jamshedpur operations outside state: MD Ashwath Ram

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Jamshedpur, Nov 17:  “We at Tata Cummins Private Limited (TCPL) would like to state that we have always followed the principle of building trusted partnerships with our employees, customers, environment, and communities,” stated Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Tata Cummins Private Limited and Anjali Pandey,  Director of the company in a press statement while denying media reports on shifting the company’s Jamshedpur operations outside Jharkhand.

Ashwath Ram and Anjali Pandey clarified,At the outset, we would like to vehemently deny the various media reports about shifting the company’s Jamshedpur operations outside the state of Jharkhand. The process for the transfer of the Registered Office of Tata Cummins Private Limited (TCPL) from Jamshedpur to Pune was initiated a few years ago to facilitate the ease of administrative operations with the Corporate Office. Shifting of Registered Office will not impact the revenue, employment, and welfare opportunities for the state of Jharkhand or the city of Jamshedpur. We continue to abide by all the labor laws and other compliances, as applicable for the state of Jharkhand.”

TCPL was established in Jamshedpur in 1993. They stated, “In the last 28 years, we have striven to live up to our brand promise of innovation and dependability. We have created thousands of jobs in the region and supported the community. There has been significant investment in Jamshedpur operations in all these years to adopt and upgrade to advanced technologies, increase our production capacity and capability. Our commitment towards Corporate Responsibility in and around the region has positively helped uplift communities, safeguarded the environment and social welfare, which has only increased over the years. Tata Cummins Private Limited (TCPL) Leadership and employees actively supported the local administration to provide medical aid and other relief measures during the COVID -19 pandemic, which various government agencies appreciated,” and added in their jointg statement, “Once again, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our Jamshedpur operations and continue to contribute to the development and prosperity of the State of Jharkhand and the Jamshedpur region. We will continue to do so by powering the success of our customers, stakeholders, communities, and benefactors.”

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