Sunday, December 10, 2023

Suraksha Card for Tata Steel Jamshedpur employees to assess COVID-related risks

Jamshedpur, July 11: Tata Steel has introduced real-time workforce tracking through Suraksha Card, which is an Internet of Things device which can communicate using Long Range Wide Area Network.
In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Suraksha Card features have been further enhanced to sense a gathering of large group of people in any section of the workplace through the Crowd Sensing (Assemblage Analysis) solution and pre-empt and detect violation of social distancing at shop floors, canteens and on roads inside the factory premises. With historical data, Suraksha Card enables scientific contact tracing in COVID situations. Additionally, Suraksha Card bar code scan provides the risk profile of the person with respect to travel history, contact history or proximity to any COVID positive case (if detected) during the course of work inside the workplace. This ensures safe working in the workplace by real-time tracking, alerts and quick response protocols.
A centralized portal and a mobile based app has been developed to monitor the safe working of the workforce at any point in time.

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