Friday, December 1, 2023

Sudha milk crisis in city, private dairy owners making profit

Jamshedpur: Steel city denizens are suffering from milk crisis for the last few days. A part of the crisis is due to apparent shortage of the well-known milk brand Sudha in the market. As a result, people are finding it hard to fulfill their daily need for milk in several localities of the city.

Market sources revealed that the milk shortage was being seen in the city for the last few days owing to insufficient supply or milk. At some places in the city, milk supply is not only inadequate, but also delayed. Consequently, a sizeable number of consumers are deprived of milk in some areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Bagbera and some other places in the city.

In a bid to deal with the crisis, people are forced to buy either powder milk available by different brand names in the market or are resorting to buying the same from private dairy farm owners at whimsical rates. The private dairy business owners are utilizing the crisis situation to make huge profits. The price of milk being sold in the market has also shot up due to lack of regulation on private dairy products, sources said.

Shanti Prasad, a resident of Dimna Road, expressed her problem thus, �I have a joint family which needs at least four litres of milk on a daily basis. But I am unable to get milk for the last couple of days. Whenever I go to the local milk booth, I am all the milk has been sold out. This was not the situation earlier. This implies that milk supply has gone down recently. Now my family is deprived of milk.�

The officials of Jamshedpur Dairy, the Sudha dairy plant at Gamharia, could not be contacted for their comments on the current situation.

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