Saturday, December 9, 2023

Students of Central University get exposures of research activities at NML

Jamshedpur : A group of 19 students of MSc (environmental science) from Central University Jharkhand, Ranchi visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and interacted with scientists and research scholars as part of the Gigyasa programme. The basic aim of the programme is to acquaint students with research environment.

P N Mishra, principal scientist, briefed about the programme. Further they talked about R&D work carry out in the area of Waste Management & Utilisation. Dr. S.K. Mandal, chief scientist & head KRIT discussed an overview of NML.

Soni Jha explained the role and activities of Analytical Chemistry Centre. The students were very much eager to know about different instrument and asked its role for the application in the gainful utilization of natural resources through chemical analysis.

Ashok Kumar Mohanty, senior scientist explained the product developed by NML for the protection of metals made up of brass, copper and silver and different alloys. He also explained the reason for the discolour of metals after long exposure in the environment.

Pallavi Singh Antika expressed that, she has first time got practical knowledge involved in the extraction of metals. Manisha Pragya also pointed out the similar view and observed the advancement of science and technology in India.

PriyaKumari, expressed that she has gain first-hand knowledge about CSIR & NML and their role for the development of country.

Tina Mondal was impressed to know about extraction of valuable metals through waste and got an opportunity to observed close view of applied science and technology. Ms. Shraddha Sharma has also expressed the similar view and get motivated to know about the application of fly ash for making useful products.

Students were surprised to have glance on the 69 years� history of NML at museum and they asked different question based on sample and poster pertaining to minerals based product and facilities.

During the interactive session, number of students asked different questions on minerals, ores, origin of coal, the evolutionary history behind the formation of metal etc. Teachers and students requested for their next visit to the laboratory to gain more knowledge.

Teachers expressed their views and were satisfied to know about the consistent effort of NML towards the development of India. At last, teachers acknowledged and extend thanks to CSIR-NML authorities for providing opportunity to visit NML and observe various facilities.

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