Monday, December 11, 2023

Students of Al-Kabir Polytechnic visits NML

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Jamshedpur: A batch of 37 students of Mechanical Engineering Diploma, III year from Al-Kabir Polytechnic, Jamshedpur accompanied by two faculties Prof. Tejpal Singh and� Sumit S. Minz visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and interacted with scientists and research scholars this morning under the aegis of Jigyasa-CSIR-NML School Interactive programme. The students were thrilled to visit the laboratory and interact with the working group.�

The programme was scheduled for three hours, which comprised an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Documentary film show on CSIR and NML, laboratory visit to gain an exposure of modern laboratory and research environment. Dr. P.N. Mishra, Principal Scientist, welcome to students and briefed about the programme, discussed an overview of NML, its contributions towards the gainful utilization of natural resources and also defined development of science & technology in Indian perspectives, discussed the role played by of diploma holder personnel at the R&D Laboratory. Dr. A.K. Sahu, Sr. Technical Officer extend the vote of thanks.  S.N. Hembram, Sr. Technical Officer helped students for a lab. visit.  

FizanAlam was astonished to know first time about NML and minutely observed the R&D activities related to proper use of minerals and ores for making metals and alloys applied as components in various industries. Mr Ashraf Khan and  Devbrato Das were impressed and expressed their views in a similar way.

Students visited creep testing units of Materials Testing & Evaluation Division and gain knowledge about fatigue, creep, fractures prevailing in different types of industrial components. Students get exposure of the different machine like Servo Hydro Testing Machine, Servo Electrical Machine and Furnace.

Mr Arshad Jamal was impressed to observe the Asia second largest creep testing facilities and its contribution for the solution of the industrial problem.  JavedShakilAmaanand  Ankur Kumar Raut also expressed similar view.

 Ashish Sharma and  AbdulZakir Hussain expressed that this visit was useful to them and enhance their knowledge.  Faiz Ahmed and Md. Amin Uddin inspire and developed their interest in research field.  Altaf Ansari expressed that the NML visit has inspire him to increase the thinking process.

 K. Gaurav Kumar and  Brijesh Kumar Singh were impressed to observe the Waste Management & Utilization activities through NML documentary film. The product that made up of slag and fly ash observed at NML Museium. They appreciated NML efforts for taking good step to minimizing pollution through R&D efforts.

It was also observed that the students and faculties appreciated the facilities available at Engineering Workshop. They gained working knowledge of different kind of machine like lath machine, Shaper Machine, Semi AutomaticBandsaw Machine, Pillar Drilling Machine, Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine, Universal Milling Machine etc.

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