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Story of Shiv-Sati moves devotees during Bhagwat Katha

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Jamshedpur: On the fourth day of the week long Srimad Bhagwat Katha being hosted at Shiv-Durga-Hanuman Mandir in Parsudih Society Colony, narrator Acharya Prasann Kumar Shastri elucidated a section from Lord Shiva and Mother Sati that moved the devotees present. In his narrative, Shastri explained, �Sati could not take the humiliation cast by Her father Maharaj Daksh during fire worship and she flung herself in the fire and was burnt to ashes.� This moved the devotees listening to the narrative and they turned emotional.

Explaining the episode further, the Acharya mentioned that Lord Shiva was so benign that anyone who merely took His name was absolved of all his sins. He said that listening to Bhagwat Katha with a clean conscience could spread good and the message of well being in society.

Taking the Shiv-Sati event ahead, Shastri said, �Mother Sati did not heed the advice of Her consort Lord Shiv and went to Her father�s abode alone to attend the fire worship being done by Maharaj Daksh.

Shiv was not invited to the holy ritual. Instead, Daksh humiliated Sati and Shiv as a result of which She jumped into the fire lit for the worship. This is a lesson for all married woman that they should follow the advice of their husbands or they would have to face insults.�

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