Monday, October 25, 2021

Stage set for Ganesh Puja in Kadma, festive fever grips city

Jamshedpur: The famous and more than nine decades old Ganesh Puja Mela at Kadma would begin on September 5.

It will be inaugurated at 6 pm by the MP of Jamshedpur Vidyut Varan Mahato. Ghatsila MLA Laxman Tudu and social worker Astik Mahato will also be there at the inaugural function.

The fair will continue till 21st September.

Shree Bala Ganapati Vilas, the organisation which is organising Ganesh puja for more than nine decades in success, has made elaborate arrangements for the festival.

The puja pandal will be inaugurated at 8 pm on Sunday. Former minister Banna Gupta, Tata Workers Union president R Ravi Prasad, social worker RK Sinha, Hari Sonthalia, Suresh Sonthalia and Sitaram will be guests of the occasion.

Functionaries of Shree Bala Ganapati Vilas informed that this year the two week long puja will witness better arrangements for the mela enthusiasts.

The district police have made tight security arrangements for the smooth running of the fair with security personnel being deployed in adequate number and policemen in plain clothes keeping an eye on the revelers.

The Ganesh puja of Kamda is one of the oldest and most revered pujas in the State. Every year large numbers of devotees visit the place and seek blessings from lord Ganesha. Priests from Andhra Pradesh would perform the religious ceremonies.

Talking about the fair the president said that number of entertainment and food stalls would be put in for the visitors.

A team of volunteers have been trained, which will be deployed at the strategic locations to help and guide the devotees, informed committee members.

Members of the puja committee stressed that their priority was to ensure a safe and grand Ganesh Puja, which started in 1919 and draws a huge crowd. Though the idol is immersed after 10 days, the fair at the maidan continues for another week.

“This is the most popular Ganesh Puja in town and we have always tried to make it both entertaining and safe. It has been nine decades now, but its popularity has been increasing every year,” members said. An eye-catching pandal, elaborate safety measures and entertainment for all will once again mark the most popular Ganesh Puja in town, which will be organised by Shree Bala Ganapati Vilas.

For the organisers, the prime concern is a safe Ganesh Puja, which was started way back in 1919, attracts a huge crowd that throng the grounds for 18 days. Though the idol is immersed after 10 days, the fair continues for another week.

“The crowd is huge and there would be so many stalls and a number of rides. Hence insurance cover was necessary. It is important to keep the safety aspect in mind. The insurance cover is a safety net,” said members.

The budget has also not been fixed yet, but the celebrations are usually grand with the expenses crossing Rs 15 lakh last year with a 60ft tall and 50ft wide pandal.

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