Thursday, October 21, 2021

Special safety arrangements for Chhath in Jamshedpur, divers deployed

Jamshedpur: Following orders from the State Government allowing devotees to perform rituals at river banks, the administration has resolved to identify safe places (Chhat ghats) for offering prayers at the two rivers. Besides, the administration has decided to depute divers and life jackets in adequate strength at Chhat ghats.

“In view of Covid-19, we have to be extra caution. We are working hard to ensure safety for the devotees. Focus will be on social distancing.  We are taking precautionary measures to ensure safety at the Chhat ghats. Devotees have been asked to carry mask as they head towards ghats. Moreover we have also approached corporate officials to help in ensuring safety,” said an official..  

Apart from the routine directive of cleaning up chhath ghats the administration has decided to deploy large number of volunteers who would be motivating devotees not to litter puja paraphernalia in the ghats but dispose it in designated dust bins at the major ghats.

A three-tier security arrangement has been made for Jamshedpur under which all the ghats would be under surveillance to monitor any dangerous or criminal activity.  Besides, the deployment of 1,000 cops, metal detectors will also be used at the ‘sensitive’ ghats to keep the criminals at bay, said an official.

 Plain-clothed policemen at the ghats and security officials on boats would be monitoring the situation from the river as experts divers would be nearby in case of any drowning incident.

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