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Special attention on weak students the turning point: KSMS Principal

Jamshedpur, June 20: Kerala Samajam Model School (KSMS) and Baug-E- Jamsheed school which won the Jamshed J Irani Award for Excellence in Education from Jamshedpur shared their experience on their journey to reach the pinnacle.

To listen to their story and to provide an opportunity for other schools on their TEEP journey, to learn from them, a Sharing Session was organized by Tata Quality Management Services at Global International Centre today at XLRI.

Mrs Nandini Shukla, Principal of KSMS, talked about the turning point in their journey….. they perceived that some students needed more handholding than others. Going deeper to understand this, they began to reach out to parents of such students and provide special attention for the identified set of students.

Transformation began to happen…..other problems were identified and attended to. From then on there was no stopping KSMS.

Mrs. Shireen Dotivala, Principal of BEJS, which is a play school, has a different story to tell. The school�s challenge lay in ensuring that the tiny tots- who came from different homes, spoke different languages- learn to be curious, ask questions, understand concepts, and skills.

She elaborates on concept of Multiple Intelligences and the professional growth of their teachers. Today the school has made it its mission to share its learnings with other nursery schools.

The common thread running through both presentations was the realization that meticulous planning was required to achieve what they had set out to do. The session was interactive and numerous questions were raised by Principals and senior teachers from schools.

The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. P Ramesh. Schools have been part of the Education excellence Journey for over 10 years now. They began this improvement journey by understanding how to look at their schools holistically.

They established processes and made them better each year. Teaching learning, which is the core,became the focus of their improvement efforts.

They learned to listen to the voice of parents and students to be better able to satisfy them. They ensured proper training for their teachers, upgraded their I T infrastructure in line with the requirements of the education scenario.

Seventeen schools started this journey together, but in subsequent years other schools also joined them in this journey.

Amongst them are two schools- Baug-E- Jamsheed school and Kerala Samajam Model School. Both are the proud recipients of the Jamshed J Irani Award for Excellence in Education.

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