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Spare a morsel or two for the trusted �tail-waggers� in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, April 5: It is at times of crisis that humanity is tested. This aspect comes to the fore especially when the holocaust of COVID � 19 is looming large over mankind�s horizon. What is heartwarming is the fact that individuals, organizations and institutions are rising to the occasion and distributing food and other essential commodities to the economically condemned populace.

But there are other lives that too need caring. The colony and slum dogs that get kicked around or are pelted with stones just for the heck of it remain ever vigilant when the human world goes to sleep. They know their jurisdictions� inhabitants and any outsider is either barked at or chased until the �territory� is crossed.

Some animal lovers and groups like JAWS and PAWS have been doing their bit but they cannot visit each and every Mohalla to offer food for the hungry and thirsty dogs. Hotels are shut and leftovers are rarely flung out of kitchen windows. It pains the soul to see panting dogs and mooing cows in alleys waiting for food to come by.

To some it may seem ridiculous but it would be a good idea for food distributing teams to go equipped with bites for dogs and cattle for, it is imperative that in and around human habitats, the best friends loiter about in expectation for manna that may not come from heaven but from heaven�s higher creation � man.

One animal lover had recently urged people to keep aside some food for stray dogs and cattle and for the birds along with large earthen bowls filled with water outside homes. At least, these creatures will not die of thirst and hunger. However, that is not a compulsion but a conscience poser.

Rajeev Das of New Baradwari observed, �We have a pet Labrador at home. There are two other street dogs who have taken shelter in our home for the last few years. They come and go at will. But they invariably appear during meal time and my mother keeps food ready for them too. Similarly, we ensure that other street dogs and cows get rice, curry and chapattis in our back alley. We have kept an urn-shaped bowl large enough to hold water with which these mute animals can quench their thirst. It feels so nice to see the dogs wagging their tails at the sight of me or my mother. The feeling is close to divine.�

One hopes, there are more people like Rajeev who feel the bite of hunger pangs of these speechless animals. But they have their language of trust and expectation. It is time we understood their lingo. Spare a morsel or two for these trusted �tail-waggers.�

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