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Southwest monsoon weakens, 20% deficit in rainfall

Jamshedpur, July 16: The weak monsoon rain in the district has raised the concerns of the Met department and farmers. The worry is that the lack of rainfall will not only makes the temperature harsh but also will affect the agricultural productivity of several vegetables that are grown in Patamda block.

According to experts, Southwest monsoon has become weak over Jharkhand due to shifting of the monsoon trough towards the north. Weathermen at IMD’s Sonari Meteorological Centre said shifting of the trough would reduce rainfall activity in the state. However, they said the rain was expected to revive after the next 72 hours due to formation of a low pressure.

” As per our study, shifting of the monsoon trough will reduce rainfall in the state in the next few days. But, a low pressure area over northwest
Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas of Odisha and Gangetic Bengal is expected to bring widespread rain especially in the sourthern parts of the state, ” said an official.

He said that an upper air cyclonic circulation is also building up over Gangetic Bengal, which will help in reviving the monsoon currents after 72 hours.

Incidentally, active monsoon resulted in a good spell of rain last week. The widespread rain had resulted in pulling down the deficit from 25 to 20 per cent.

Statistics revealed that due to weak monsoon one or two places experienced rains during the past 24 hours. Jamshedpur recorded 26 mm of rain while Bokaro and its adjoining areas experienced less than 10 mm of rain. It also revealed that against the average rainfall of 338.4 mm, the state registered 275.4 mm after the onset of monsoon this year, a deficit of 20 per cent.

Most other farmers in the belt find themselves in a similar fix. They have transplanted the seedlings to most of the fields and have done everything they can do but yet find themselves in a rough situation their crops depend so much on water.

“I had seeds of vegetables and tended to them to the best of my abilities and have done everything that was within my control. Then it rained a bit three days ago and it gave us a bit of hope. But that did not last long as it hasn’t rained after that,” 65-year-old Bhado Manjhi, a farmer of Patamda.

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