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South Indian classical music marks Saastha Preeti Celebration


Jamshedpur, Feb 2: As part of the 70th Saastha Preeti Celebrations at Sri Dharma Saastha Temple today, after puja and archana for Lord Ganesh, 3 kalash were installed 1 each for Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik and Lord Ayyappa and puja and archana were performed.

Since it is a Friday, shringar was done for Ma Lakshmi and Vishnu ashtottaram and Lakshmi ashtottaram was chanted, followed by Sri Sookta havan was performed for Ma Lakshmi. In the havan, chuda khoi yellow sarsu white til gota haldi gur ka kheer ghee and peepal ka samit were offered. Scented items like kumkum kapoor dry fruits other fruits were also offered. Later on poornahuti was performed in which a silk saree blouse and a dhoti were offered. After this abhishek was performed for Lord Ganesh followed by abhishek for Lord Karthik and Lord Ayyappa.

Shringar was done for the 3 deities and maha arati was shown and prasad was distributed to thousands of devotees. While this was going on Sri Tulsi Madhava puja was performed by performing abhishek for 16 times while chanting Purusha suktam. Later on Sri Vishnu Sahasranamarcha stotram and Sri Lakshmi ashtottaram were chanted and maha arati was shown and prasad was distributed to hundreds of devotees. In the evening South Indian classical music programme was organised in which Mandarin Sudharani and group from Vijayawada performed which kept the audience spellbound.

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