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Solid waste dump yard converted into park at Jamshedpur’s Marine Drive

Jamshedpur, Dec 27: As part of its commitment to sustainability, Tata Steel has set-up Dalma View Point, a picnic area on the Marine Drive (Western Corridor), adjacent to the management institute, XLRI at Jamshedpur. Spread over an area of 5 acres, the Dalma View Point is Tata Steel`s strategic committed to improving green cover in and around Jamshedpur Steel Works.

The Dalma View Point was inaugurated today by Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Corporate Services), Tata Steel along with R Rabi Prasad, President Tata Workers` Union amidst a small gathering.

Chanakya Chaudhary said that it is yet another initiative to reiterate Tata Steel`s commitment to sustainability and the clean and green environment is not only adding to the beauty of the area but is also helping conserve biodiversity and sustainable development.

R Rabi Prasad congratulated the Corporate Services team for transforming the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) dump into a lush green picnic area and said that it is a good site to spend time with family and friends and admire nature.

Earlier the site was a MSW landfill area with limited vegetative growth. The existing dump has been converted into a green park by layering the dump with soil and plantation of variety ranging from erosion of soil to stabilisation of slopes.

Air and water pollution from the contaminated dump site was affecting the adjoining area. Vigorous growth of weeds and bushes provided enjoyable atmosphere for varieties of creatures and poisonous snakes. Local and migratory birds stopped coming to this area.

The slopes of the dump have been stabilised by Wadelia trilobata, a plant species which has extensive root system. These species help in attracting various species of butterflies mainly Zizeeria karandra, Eurema hecabe, etc. The surrounding area to the dump has been converted into green zone ranging from plantation area, grass lawns and picnic area. The picnic area is attracting species of butterflies, birds and insects by planting trees and shrubs of various nature and importance.

A pond has been developed inside the picnic area to use the run-off water and also enhance the aesthetical view. The pond is equipped with a fountain to maintain the dissolved oxygen level and improve the quality of water in the pond. The area has a flowering and fruit bearing trees like Indian Cherry that not only enriches the aesthetical view of the area but also helps in attracting birds. The mound top after beatification is now a view point for the Subernarekha River and Dalma hills. Planting of more than 1000 plants, 28000 creepers, 5000 shrubs and 13000 metre square of grass have enhanced the green canopy in the area. Birds and butterflies are now attracted to water and plants that has increased the biodiversity presence in the area. The Dalma View Point will fulfill the long-felt demand of the citizens in creating more such spaces in Jamshedpur for family outings and leisure gatherings.

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