Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Social audits for pensioners in two Musabani panchayats

Jamshedpur: Social audit for pensioners were carried out in Kadamdih and Tilabani villages under Surda panchayat and Vikrampur and Fuljhari under Gohla panchayat. Incidentally, these panchayats fall under Musabani block. A committee has been formed for carrying out social audit for pensioners.

The audits were carried out to check out on living and deceased pensioners. A proposal was taken to remove names of deceased pensioners from the list.

The audit was conducted to ensure if all pensioners were getting their pensions or not and to take note of the names of deceased pensioners. A report was also made of the difficulties being faced by pensioners.

Observers have been appointed for the purpose of social audit pertaining to pensioners and the process is being conducted through gram sabhas.

The Mukhiya of Surda panchayat Shanti Hansda, panchayat secretary Naba Kumar Roy, Gohla panchayat Mukhiya Nani Soren, panchayat secretary Ramdas Soren and many other villagers were present at the camps.

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