Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Six rebel JVM (P) legislators join BJP

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Ranchi: In a curious turn of event six rebel JVM (P) legislators have joined BJP today.

Bidding goodbye to their parent party the six JVM (P) legislators Navin Jaisawal, Alok Chaurasia, Amar Bauri, Ganesh Ganju, Randhir Singh and Janki Prasad Yadav took primary membership of BJP at New Delhi in the presence of Chief Minister Raghubar Das and BJP State president Ravindra Rai.

Raghubar Das and Ravindra Rai welcomed the six legislators into the party by garlanding them. The BJP State unit said that the rebel JVM (P) legislators did not put forth any condition for joining the BJP. With six new legislators joining the party the BJP has got full majority in Jharkhand assembly.

With successfully poaching the JVM (P) legislators the BJP has won the number game of securing full majority of the party in the House. The BJP now has acquired the strength of having 43 legislators in the assembly. The party has already secured support of AJSU having five legislators in the assembly. The good news with State BJP is that it would not have to depend on AJSU for support to sustain its majority in the assembly.

As six out of eight JVM (P) legislators have switched over to BJP, more than two third of total number, anti-defection law would not be applicable on them. According to sources three legislators of the Congress are also in touch with senior BJP leaders. But to evade the anti-defection law at least four out of six legislators would have to be ready to join BJP.

Nonetheless, it has been a good day for BJP the party that got a huge jolt in Delhi assembly election. The party which has been accused of encouraging horse-trading has become successful to woo opposition legislators in its fold. The BJP has increased its tally from 37 to 43 in 82 seats Jharkhand assembly.

The party has also sent clear message to coalition partner AJSU that it would no longer depend on it for majority. At strength of BJP-AJSU ruling coalition has now gone up to 48.

On the other hand it was a sad day for JVM (P). The party is fighting a grim battle of political existence with only two legislators in its kitty.

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