Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sikh youths felicitate CM for implementing Anand Marriage Act in Jharkhand

Jamshedpur: Under the banner of Sikh Youth Federation, a delegation of Sikh youths felicitated CM Raghubar Das for making Jharkhand the third state in the country to implement the Anand Marriage Act after Punjab and Haryana. Led by president Satnam Singh Gambhir, the delegation met Das at his residence in Agrico and felicitated him.
Thanking the Chief Minister Gambhir said that this decision will enable the Sikhs residing in the state to get their marriages under the act and their problems in this regard will come to an end. He said that with its implementation a long standing demand has been met.
He went on to add that it was after a long struggle that the British government had recognized the Sikhs as a separate community and passed the Anand Marriage Act legalizing Sikh marriages known as Anand Karaj. However, after the Independence the Sikhs were not given the status of minority community and were designated as part of the Hindu community. As a result, they have to register their marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act. The president thanked CM for implementing the act in the State.

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