Monday, December 11, 2023

Shakti Rupa organisation spreads reach

Jamshedpur : She has battled odds for three years and now Pramila Ptro, president of Shakti Rupa organisation, is fighting to create a new generation of empowered women. For she believes in the importance of passing the baton as the work should go on and the reach expand.

From past years she has fought epidemic drug addiction and other viruses that were gnawing at the society. Now, their battle is for women. For their rights, and potential, and representation.

” In our village at Jaitgarh in Jagganthpur area there was no women’s participation in social organisations. During this time, drug addiction was plaguing the state. So, some of us women from different walks of life got together and decided that something must be done.

“The journey that began with a meeting took them to other women leaders and today 52 women have joined them. “It is a testing time for us. The case for reservation of seats for women in the state has made us knock the doors of the Supreme Court and we are now shuttling between Nagaland and Delhi for court hearings. I am hopeful of a positive outcome,” she said.

She also expressed concern that the Government has not supported her cause. Even the local MLA Geeta Koda has not supported them. ” Many women do not enjoy autonomy. They are vulnerable and dependent on male partners who make all the decisions. Although it looks as if women are progressing on many fronts, in terms of power relations, it is still unequal. Our law application is unequal and our laws are patriarchal. Once women become widowed, they are left to their own defence. Property is taken away. This scenario extends to public life and politics.”

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