Thursday, December 7, 2023

SER to extend running of existing festival trains

Kolkata, Nov 28: With a view to cater extra rush of passengers, South Eastern Railway has decided to extend the running of the existing Festival Special trains towards different destinations upto 30.12.2020 strictly observing all the safety protocols of COVID-19. These are being done considering the overwhelming response from the passengers and surge in berth occupancy.

02873/02874 Howrah-YesvantpurHowrah Special Daily Howrah Dep22.55 hrs Yesvantpur Dep10.15 hrs,  02877/02878 Howrah-Ernakulam Howrah Special from Howrah on Saturday & From Ernakulam on Tuesday Howrah Dep14.55 hrs Ernakulam Dep 23.25 hrs, 02867/02868 Howrah-Puducherry Howrah Special from Howrah on Sunday and from Puducherry on Wednesday Howrah Dep23.30 hrs Puducherry Dep14.15 hrs, 02817/02818 Santragachi-Pune Santragachi Special from Santragachi on Saturday and from Pune on Monday Santragachi Dep17.55 hrs Pune Dep-10.40 hrs, 02837/02838 Howrah-Puri-Howrah special daily Howrah Dep 22.35 hrs Puri Dep-20.15 hrs, 02835/02836 Hatia-Yesvantpur-Hatia Special From Hatia on Tuesday and from Yesvantpur on Friday Hatia Dep-18.25 hrs Yesvantpur Dep 08.30 hrs, 02889/02890 Tatanagar-Yesvantpur Tatanagar Special from Tatanagar on Friday and from Yesvantpur on Monday Tatanagar Dep18.35 hrs Yesvantpur Dep 08.30 hrs, 02812/02811 Hatia- Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Hatia Special from Hatia on Friday and from LTT on Sunday Hatia Dep-09.40 hrs Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Dep 00.15 hrs, 08183/08184 Tatanagar-DanapurTatanagar Special daily Tatanagar Dep 08.15 hrs Danapur Dep-05.46 hrs, 08626/08625 Hatia-Purnia Court-Hatia Special Daily Hatia Dep-05.55 hrs Purnia Court Dep 02.05 hrs, 08181/08182 Tatanagar-ChhapraTatanagar Special from Tatanagar on Monday, Tuesday , Thursday & Friday and from Chhapra on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Tatanagar Dep 21.25 hrs Chhapra Dep-12.30 hrs, 02830/02829 Tatanagar-Howrah Tatanagar Special Daily Tatanagar Dep 06.10 hrs Howrah Dep-17.20 hrs, 08624/08623 Hatia-Islampur-Hatia Special Daily Hatia Dep-19.25 hrs Islampur Dep18.45 hrs, 02803/02804 Ranchi-Howrah-Ranchi Special Daily From Ranchi as per existing timing From Howrah as per existing timing Booking of tickets and reservations by these special trains ( Up trains only) are available at all PRS counters and through internet. Passengers are requested to strictly follow all the safety protocols before undertaking journey in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic.

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