Monday, March 27, 2023

SDSM students pledge not to litter


Jamshedpur, May 2: S.D.S.M. School for Excellence celebrated Labour’s Day on 1st May, in the school premises on Tuesday. A special assembly was organized in the presence of Principal, Moushumi Das, Vice-Principal, Ragini Singh, teachers, students and Non-teaching staff. Pallavi Paul, a student of Class VII delivered a speech on this day and enlightened the students about the importance and relevance of the day.

The Principal of the school Moushumi Das, while addressing said, the school is managed due to the efforts of the team work. They are the most important people of the team who do pivotal work in the school. They keep the school clean, look after the maintenance and safety. The non-teaching staffs were honoured with a small gift as a token of appreciation. The students took initiative not to litter the school premises and help to keep the school campus clean. It made the students realize the valuable lessons of dignity of labour and respecting them.

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