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Schools prepone summer vacations for Classes up to VIII


Jamshedpur, April 27: The early summer vacation in schools has come as big relief for parents. While children are happy, mothers are finding out ways to keep their young ones busy.

Following directives from the state government, school announced their summer holidays for Classes up to VIII from Thursday. Now children are all set to enjoy the long summer vacation. It may be mentioned that as per their calendar the schools were scheduled for summer vacation from May 8. But now they have decided to proponed it.

“We all have decided to close the schools as per the orders. It is really difficult for the children to attend schools in such sultry weather,” said Loyola School principal Fr Sebastian Puthenpura S.J.

The deputy commissioner Amitabh Kaushal also said that the temperature is getting hotter every passing day, for the betterment of the children it is essential to close school campuses early.

Meanwhile, it is the season of summer camps as most schools in the city are closed for vacation. Schools, independent groups and organizations are holding camps for children under every conceivable category.

While there are parents who wait for these camps to begin so that they can admit their kids, there are those who believe that these are nothing but a money-making proposition. They argue that the children receive the same training in schools all through the academic year.

With an aim to make students best utilize their summer holidays and help them cultivate some skills, a number of city-based educational and cultural bodies are organizing summer camps.

Summer camps are fast gaining popularity in the urban and semi-urban areas in the district. With the schools closed for vacation the summer camps are attracting children by the dozens.

“Summer is the best time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to horn certain life skills while having fun,” said Shweta Parikh, one of the city-based summer camps organizers.

The summer camps are mostly being conducted by cultural associations, sports associations and dance schools among others in the.

Training in sports and games, swimming, painting and other crafts, different forms of classical and modern dances and music are being taught in the summer camps.

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