Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Scent of a woman is a big turn-on: Imran Khan

Himalayan Paths

Jamshedpur : It’s always interesting to listen to married men talk about women and especially when the topic is what makes women desirable and what ignites the spark.

In a candid chat with Bollywood hottie, chocolate hero and a die-hard romantic Imran Khan revealed what according to him, men in India find sexy about a woman! Here’s what he had to say, “I think it’s the scent of a woman that immediately catches one’s attention. If she smellsfantastic, it’s a big turn-on.

She must have nice, soft skin too� smooth to touch! It actually goes to show that she takes care of herself. And if she takes care of herself she can definitely take care of us!” He further added, “Basically, a woman should be confident and feel good about herself.

This, I think makes any women beautiful. And on a lighter note, a woman who can hold a conversation

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