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SCCI threatens fast over NH condition

Jamshedpur, Oct 17: Seeing the pitiable condition of National Highway (NH) 32 & 33 the members of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce & Industry will meet the Secretary, Road Construction Department Ms. Raj Bala Verma on Friday 18/10/13.

Subsequent to the same the members have threatened to sit on Dharna cum Fast on Sunday 20/10/13 near Kali Mandir in Pardih to protest against delay in repairing work of the thoroughfare.

National Highway Entrepreneurs Welfare Association (NHEWA) an associate of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) approached the chamber with grievance, to seek redressel from the government.

A joint meeting of NHEWA, & SCCI was held on Tuesday, October 8 were several points were resolved for immediate consideration.

In a letter addressed to Secretary the chamber demanded restoring full faith in Secretary, and decided to approach her for immediate repair of both the highways till the completion of four lanes by NHAI.

In case the State Government has any constraints, the chamber shall take up the matter with the Government of India.

To provide us with the entire drawings of NH-33 four lane work, specifically the bypass bridge, near Kali Mandir, to ascertain if it does not obstruct any existing structures.

They further requested that a clear assurance is given, that the road under this bridge will be maintained by the NHAI contractor.

The members of NHEWA are so agitated, that in the event of repairs not taking place, they shall take up an agitation route as per the democratic practices, and SCCI shall have no option but to support the same.

National Highway Entrepreneurs Welfare Association (NHEWA) is an organisation comprising of Hotelier’s, Resort Owners, Industrialist, Ware House Owners, Traders etc.

They are situated in NH-33 from Ghatshila to Chandil , & NH 32 from Chandil to Balrampur. The association represents almost 100 entities of above nature in the region, with an investment of almost 200 crores.

The potential of these entrepreneurs is to do a business worth 500 crores P.A. and contribute handsomely to the government coffers, by way of various taxes.

Some 5 years back these entrepreneurs were doing a roaring business and fulfilling their statutory obligation towards the government too.

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