Monday, December 11, 2023

Sankosai residents threaten poll boycott for water

Jamshedpur: Residents of Sankosai put up a demonstration at Dimna Road, Mango on Friday to protest against water crisis in their locality and threatening to boycott the elections in case their water problems were not solved soon.

The demonstrators alleged that none of the public representatives or officials had ever taken the pains to visit their locality and find out the ground situation. They said the water problem was getting worse with each passing day and that very soon the situation will become unbearable.

Raising the �No water, no vote� slogan, one of the protestors said, �We will not cast our vote until and unless a definite measure is taken by the district administration authorities. The candidates of various political parties just make tall promises during election. But when the elections are over, they forget about promises and never turn up to see us. This is pathetic as we do not deserve such a treatment.�

The residents said the political parties and their candidates in the upcoming Parliamentary election should visit their locality and find out the problems plaguing them for a long time. They said the problem of water scarcity should be solved without any further delay.

The traffic flow was congested for sometime following the gathering of so many people on the main road. Later, local administration officials reached the scene and tried to persuade the demonstrators by assuring to take action in connection with the demands raised by the residents.

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