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Samayik: A Practice of Equality & Balance

By Manjula Jain

Convenience and happiness are not related. There is abundance of matter, but there is no happiness. There is scarcity of substance, but there is no sorrow. Happiness is that which is balanced. Unhappy is one who is unbalanced. The question of happiness and sorrow is associated with balance and imbalance, sensation of lack and excess. Balanced is one who self-delights interviews himself with himself. Prayer is a powerful medium for this in all religions. Hindus read Geeta, Muslims read Quran. The Buddhist reads the Dhammapada, the Sikhs read the Gurugranth literature, the Christian Bible. Regardless of the variations of name, form, word, doctrine, scripture, culture and rituals everyone is one – change within, identity of self, acceptance of eternal values and cultivation of purity.

Samayik is a strong medium of such prayer in Jainism.

Samayik is a process of Jain cultivation practice in which the seeker engages him in the practice of 48 minutes of concentration. While practicing this meditation one should engages in peace, equality, concentration and harmony in life. It establishes non-violence, love, compassion in society and nation. Man abides friendship between humans, eliminating asymmetry and bitterness. Samayik is the application of awakening of spiritual consciousness. Spirituality is a universal element. It has no relation to any country, caste, creed and sector. It is not bound by any aspect.

Samayik is meditation itself, yet special uses of meditation are used in it. Pujya Acharya Shri Tulsi has exposed the spiritual form of Samayik by presenting the use of innovative Samayik. Innovation has arisen in the person who has used it. Some people consider they busy and are deprived of spiritual practice. Their approach is not correct. We want to move fast. Follow shortcuts to succeed. Because, we feel that we are left behind and others have gone ahead. The real happiness will be found only after reaching the destination. But author WP Kinsella says, “It is a success to get what you want.” It is a pleasure to have what you have got. ‘

 Today, an elated person is suffering from countless duality and from his own inner ravages. He is disturbed by stress, suffering from disturbance. He wants a life of mental balance, peace and happiness, for him. From this one can find the secret of happiness, spiritual selflessness and harmony. The aim of the Samayik is to be self-respecting but not to be proud. There is power hidden in consciousness, recognize it and give it a positive turn. Always remain curious for equality and tolerance in life. First wake up for yourself and then wake up for others. This is not selfishness; this is self realization.

Establishing parity in your life is the essence of punctuality. Profit-loss, happiness-sorrow, life-death, condemnation-praise – to be equal in all these events, remain unimpressed is the highest peak of spiritual practice. Samayik is the means to climb this peak. Violence, untruth, collection of materialistic things – they lead to asymmetry. The practice of getting rid of them is time-bound. Discord, accusations, chewing, slander, false view – all these are disturbances of mental peace and community peace. Removal of these obstacles is possible through spiritual practice.

In order to reach the height to which Lord Mahavira has ended the war inside and outside, we must also make certain stops and the practice of Samayik in it will be helpful for us – consider all those actions as inauspicious which will end personal qualities. The result of which also became fatal for others. Let go of those thoughts which hurt the rights, feelings and happiness of others deeply. You have to do something. Nothing is achieved without working. Our work done today becomes fruitful tomorrow. If you have to spend continuously, you also have to deposit together. Writer Robert Louis Stevenson says, “What is found every day is not measured by it.” This will determine how and how many seeds you have been sowing. ‘

Acharya Mahapragya has said that Samayik is truly a gateway to spirituality, a gift of peaceful life from which inequality will fade and parity will flourish. The example of inequality is casteism, language, creed and sectarianism, which takes away tolerance and equality. Religious fanaticism becomes a nightmare, becomes a burning question of human rights. On the one hand, the ego flourishes, if there is a rise of inferiority in it, the seeds of friendship between humans and humans can erupt, ending love of love, harmony, balance and goodwill can be done.

The main goal of life should be punctual and understand the value of time. It should be our resolve to reach detachment. Whenever we engage in Samayik, we resolve health, peace and meditation. Whenever you close your eyes and meditate on the Lord, do not see any scene except Samyak Darshan. Whenever bored with tragedy in a crowd of sanskaras, tired minds change their direction, step on the stairs leading up to the Lord. There will be such a yearning that there is no difference between me and you. An answer to an unanswered question will be found in this special journey – You are who you are, I am who you are. The process of eliminating the distinction between you and me is time-bound.

Samayik is the practice of self-realization. But once one gets down in the practice of Samayik, and then he realizes his inner sovereignty. Courage, patience, fearlessness, effort, faith and direction awaken the wisdom of decision. Then the body seems to be enough for him to float the world ocean as well. I do not claim here that every person who makes time will become a hero, will be free from problems, and will achieve accomplishment. But it will definitely happen that he will adopt such a lifestyle, he will step up on such a path that equality will be achieved. A person who takes equity, who does not have an imbalance in his life, makes his life meaningful, in practical life, a person happier than him cannot be other.

(Manjula Jain is a Mumbai based writer and President of Samayik Club. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. She can be reached at [email protected])

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