Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sale of tobacco continues at prohibited areas 


Saraikela : Despite orders, there is widespread use of tobacco in various places in the city. Public spaces are not freed from the curse of smoking.

Be hotels, bar and restaurants, bus stand, railway stations, private and government hospitals and even educational institutions the menace of smoking in public is still rampant.

In offices, parks, hotels, bars and other public places, smokers have encountered little restraint from non-smokers and flouted norms much to the dismay of non-smokers, who are aware of the health risks, not to speak of the inconvenience caused to others.

Besides health risk to the passive smokers, smoking in public poses very serious threat to non-smokers. Passive smoking is responsible for death of many innocents. 

It is very common for passive smokers to develop a range of diseases, including respiratory and other ailments. Some non-smokers can have even cancer after prolonged exposure to passive smoking.  

The problem is more acute in cramped spaces like offices, parks and also restaurants because second hand smoke lingers on for a longer time.

Most of the places including buses also do not have mandatory no-smoking signs. The most vulnerable sections affected by second hand smoke are pregnant women and children

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