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Sacred Heart Convent School Jamshedpur celebrates World Water Day with waves of emphatic events


Jamshedpur, March 22: Sacred Heart Convent School (SHCS) celebrated World Water Day on March 21and 22 with the aim to create awareness amongst students about the importance of water for the planet.  The members of the Environment Club of the school observed the day with great enthusiasm, fun and series of events.

The two day event narrated the importance of the day to the students and enlightened them about the current water crisis.The theme was ‘Be the Change, Save Water’.

Sister Rashmita, Principal, Sacred Heart Convent School motivated the students by appreciating their effort in conducting such wonderful awareness programme.

Students from Kg to Std 10 took pledge in the Assembly to conserve and harvest water.

This inspired the students to take small steps to ensure a positive change in our environment. The campaign ‘BE THE CHANGE’ encourages people to take action in their lives to change how they use, consume and manage water.

Series of events were conducted for the students of classes 1 to 10 including coloring the given picture for UKG and Std I, drawing and coloring with a slogan based on the topic ‘Save Water’ for Std II and III, collage making was held for the students of Std IV on the topic ‘Causes of water pollution and preventive measures’.

Speeches on ‘Water is as precious as gold, every drop counts and stop polluting water’ were delivered by students of Std V.

The students of Std VI contributed to the noble task by spreading the message – Let’s Save water together by Cloth painting.

Std VII students decorated the classroom softboards to convey the importance of Clean Water and Sanitation.

To escalate the significance of saving water among the parents the students of Std VIII displayed informative placards with a slogan written on it.

Nukkad Natak was performed by the students of Std IX.

The Students of Std X conducted an awareness program on the topic water pollution and distributed pamphlets among the parents and Students.

To highlight the importance of water and raise awareness about the global water crisis, World Water Day is being observed on March 22 every year. According to the United Nations, the idea behind celebrating the day is to “support the achievement of sustainable development goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.”

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