Saturday, May 8, 2021

RVS students invent smart walking stick for blind

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Jamshedpur: Students of RVS College of Engineering and Technology have invented smart walking sticks for the blind through which they would be able to walk freely on the road.

The walker would be able to know about hindrances on the road in advance and can avoid accidents. The smart stick has been invented by B Tech students of the college.

The stick equipped with ultrasonic signals and buzzer beeps whenever an obstruction comes within one meter distance. It notifies the walker about the obstructions and helps to avoid accidents.

B Tech students of Electronic and Telecommunications stream including Manohar Kumar, Pyush Panini, Dilip Kumar Mehta, Ranjan Prasad Yadav and Nitesh Kumar completed the project under the guidance of Prof Rishi Jha.

Chairman of the college Binda Singh, director Prof MP Singh, Prof Sukomal Ghosh and treasurer of RVS Educational Trust have congratulated the students for their feat.

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