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Rungta Mines gets go ahead to expand Chaliama project


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Saraikela, Nov 27: The Rungta Steel Mines Ltd at Chaliama got the go ahead with the project proposal receiving the environmental nod. The villagers assented to the proposal the path was paved for the expansion programme to commence.

A public hearing for the Rungta Steel Mines expansion project at Chaliama in Rajnagar Block was organized in which villagers of Chaliama, Banksai and Kuju participated. The people’s hearing was presided by ADC Subodh Kumar in the course of which parliamentarian Gita Koda, Regional Environment Board Officer Suresh Paswan, Assistant Scientist of Pollution Board Ranch Mithilesh Kumar, Circle Officer Nivedita and DSP Chandan Kumar Vats were present. The villagers presented their views on the issue of providing environmental clearance to the Rungta expansion project.

Issues on employment, health, education, power supply, water and other basic needs were raised during the interactive meeting. The company’s management heard each issue and gave point-wise clarifications on the issues raised. Being satisfied with the answers to the posers raised by the villagers the Pollution Board gave its green signal to the expansion project.

During the public hearing Gram Pradhan of Chaliama Sujit Kumar Naik stated that while accepting the expansion project of Rungta Mines, the management should ensure that basic amenities be provided to the expansion areas comprising Kuju, Banksai and Chaliama villages and free power, health services and water should be provided to the villagers. He also said that trees should be planted to maintain the environmental conditions.

Himanshu Pradhan said, “The company is ours and for us. As such, our people should get jobs. More trees have to be planted for safer environment.” Murum Gram Pradhan Ashok Kumar Khandait said that Rungta had created job opportunities for the villagers. He pointed out that people used to migrate to other places in quest of jobs but with the expansion project, the company’s management wopuld have to ensure that this was stopped and the villagers got employment.

Rajnagar Pramukh Vishu Hembram observed, “The company is providing permanent jobs to land donors for the expansion projects. But the pay scales ranging between Rs 5,000 and Rs 8,000 have to be increased so that the families of the workers can be maintained adequately. If the workers are happy, the company is bound to progress. The local people should get job priority according to their abilities and skills. The company, as a part of their CSR should develop the areas under its command.”

Welcoming the plant expansion project Jharkhand revolutionary Anil Mahto expected of the Rungta Company to convert arid and barren land into a green-scape. He wished that Rungta Company may develop in line with Tata industries so that the local people got more job opportunities.

Social activist of Lodha village Hemant Singhdev observed, “The company should rectify its flaws. Ninety percent of its CSR funds should be utilized in the welfare and development of the villages coming under the company’s expansion project. Only then will the trust of the people grow towards the company. The company will be built on the land of these people and employment opportunities should be made available to them.”


Rungta Co must resolve issues of villagers: Gita Koda

In a strongly worded observation at the public hearing, West Singhbhum parliamentarian Gita Koda observed, “I have not been invited here by the company but by the people of the three villages that are going to fall under the purview of the company’s expansion programme. The people have elected me and I shall never allow their voices to be stifled.” She went on to state that the company should honour the sentiments and trust of the people towards it. The people who have given their land holdings to the company for expanding its base should be adequately compensated she said. Gita said, “The people of the three villages had given the company land of their forefathers with trust and the company should honour the trust. It should establish the mode of mutual trust and cooperation and not make the villagers scapegoats in case of problems.” The parliamentarian stated that the company had taken over the burial ground in Chaliama. “This is an insult to tradition. The company should resolve the issue immediately. I also demand that the company provides 80 percent employment to the local people. The CSR funds should be utilized meaningfully and fruitfully. It should provide basic requirements to the residents of the three villages.”


The company is providing basic infrastructure within 5 km range: SM

Senior Manager of Rungta Steel Mines, VK Singh replied to all the points of note. He said, “When the company arrived at the place, it started on 25 acre land but with time and the people’s support and cooperation, it has established its premises on 480 acres. As a result, maximum number of people is continuing to find employment in the company. It is our primary commitment to provide basic amenities to people within a five kilometer range.”

He went on to add that the plants have state of the art machinery to ensure safe environmental conditions. He said that 1.80 thousand trees had been planted and plans were afoot to plant 1,500 more trees. He stated that there was a dispensary ithin the plant premises to take care of health issues. Singh said that clean drinking water was being supplied through pipelines in Chaliama village and very soon, the same would be made available to the residents of Kuju and Banksai. He also said that the local youth were being provided ITI and Kaushal Vikas courses. VK Singh clarified, “In so far as the burial ground at Chaliama is concerned, we have provided an over bridge for the villagers. The villages coming under the company’s purview will get all CSR facilities. Temples and other places of worship will be set up in villages.”

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