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Rotary Femina raises awareness among students on suicide prevention day

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Jamshedpur, Sept 10: Observing World Suicide Prevention Day Rotary Club of Jamshedpur Femina, organized a Talk on �Suicide Prevention� for the students of Jamshedpur High School, Bistupur on Thursday.

The speaker for the event was Mrs Reena Vedagiri and Babita Kedia. They told the students�about the positive aspects of life.

Students were asked to do meditation and laugh very often as it reduces mental pressure. The students were eager to share their problems with the members of the club.�They were very relieved after sharing and discussing their problems.

The speakers insisted on�sharing the problems with friends�and close ones.

The entire session was very interactive and students asked many questions on how to face any circumstances in life.

The talk was very motivational and it also created awareness among�students and teachers on what is stress, why stress, what will happen if�not controlled, and how to identify and deal with a stressed person.

Suicide prevention is speaking up to reduce the stigma around talking about�suicide prevention safely. It is about standing up to make a positive�impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

It is about being self�informed and aware of support and services available to all those touched�by suicide and those building a resilient community to prevent suicide.

The talk was very inspiring. The students were benefitted and many teachers of the school were also inspired.

Members present were Femina president Sonal Agrawal,Bbabita Kedia, Reena�Vedagiri , Neha Agrawal, Shashi Gadia, Vandana Sinha, Rashmi Singh, Shweta Jalan and others.

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