Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rising cases of snatching and burglary cases forces police to frame new strategy

Cops to use personal bikes and personal vehicles for patrolling

Jamshedpur: Concerned over rising cases of snatching and burglary cases in city in the last few weeks senior police officials have decided to change patrolling strategy after dusk on roads.
East Singhbhum SSP Anoop T. Mathew has issued directing officials in city and police station officer-in-charges in urban areas to do patrolling at night using bikes and private vehicles in civil dress, concealing their identities, to nab the snatchers on prowl near commercial areas and important arteries.

Mathew said that they have framed a new strategy to curb the rising incidents of chain and mobile snatching incidents in the city off late. It has come in our survey that as soon the patrolling van has moved away from a road snatching incident has happened. Now we are encouraging police to use bikes and personal vehicles (four-wheelers) for patrolling. This would be in addition to bike-borne (Tiger Mobile) jawans and PCR vans on job on street,� said

Incidentally, there are 18 urban police stations and 32 tiger mobile jawans and 29 PCR vans catering to urban areas.

“One police officer from the police station concerned would keep an eye on the movement of constables deployed at different places under the system,” a police official informed. These constables would keep an eye on suspicious elements moving in night and check them.Officials said that constables on foot would be deployed in a stretch of every one km for patrolling. Several other constables would be deployed for the purpose, besides patrolling by the local police.

“Burglaries have increased during the winter as many families are away on vacation. Specially constituted patrolling squads have already been deployed under the limits of the Mango and Sakchi,” said police official
It has often been observed that burglars keep a watch to fix their ‘target’ in a housing colony or society before committing crimes. People whose movements were found to be suspicious should be placed under watch.

Local residents have also expressed concerns over the prevailing situation. �Despite claims from the district police the cases of the thefts are on the rise. Steps have been taken by the police administration needs to curb menace by taking measures like night patrolling and installation of barricades where police officials keep strict vigilance. Though the police claim to have pulled their socks up and increased their beat patrolling, the citizens are not ready to accept the claims,� noted a resident.

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